Commercial Roof Maintenance Software

Keep a detailed track record of your roofing investment.

RoofTop Control is our online portal designed to help you manage and document everything about your commercial roof. It's a convenient way to track your roofing maintenance from problem identification to service repair. It's commercial roof maintenance updated for the touchscreen age.

RoofTop Control provides the following benefits:

Inspection Reports

You can use our online portal to access your roof inspection reports instantly. Any open deficiencies will be marked for your immediate review.

Budgeting Feature

RoofTop Control can help you plan for future capital improvements. Our innovative budgeting feature can help you stay in-the-know and on top of your roofing expenses.

Roof History and Documentation

Our commercial roof maintenance software keeps a historical record of all work performed on the roof and places it in the cloud. You can access that record at any time.

Service Dispatch

Through our online control panel, you can track roofing issues and dispatch our Service Department to address them.

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