Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance

A-1 Extends is our roof repair and maintenance program.

When contracted as part of our A-1 Extends program you receive the following benefits:

1. Roof inspections - usually bi-annual
2. A comprehensive report of the roof conditions
3. Photos of emergency deficiencies
4. Photos of remedial deficiencies
5. Roof drawing with the location of all deficiencies.
6. Recommendations for which repairs should be made immediately and which repairs should be monitored for a later date.
7. PRIORITY service calls. Buildings under contract get moved to the top of the list when repairs are needed.

RoofTop Control is our Online Data Management Portal- contained within RoofTop Control is:

1. All inspection reports with open deficiencies for immediate review
2. All invoices, with before and after photos
3. Budgeting numbers for future capital improvements
4. All historical data of work performed on the roof
5. The ability to dispatch our Service Department from the RoofTop Control Portal