Commercial Roof Repair Program

Let us help extend the lifetime of your roofing investment.

A-1 Extends is a program designed to take the surprises out of commercial roof repair. By conducting regular inspections, we’ll monitor the health of your commercial roof. We'll also make sure you’re aware of any condition issues, and we'll offer recommendations on how to address them. Our goal is to help you address issues before they turn into catastrophic repair costs.

With A-1 Extends, you'll get the following benefits:

Priority Roofing Service

One of the biggest benefits for A-1 Extend customers is that they receive top priority on any service calls. If your building is under contract with us, any necessary repairs will move to the top of our company's to-do list.

Roofing Inspections and Recommendations

As an A-1 Extend customer, you'll receive regular roofing inspections (typically twice a year). After we've had a chance to look at your roof, we'll communicate any issues and offer recommendations. You'll know what needs your immediate attention, what you can monitor, and what you might want to address before it develops into a more expensive problem.

Helpful Media and Documentation

As an A-1 Extends customer, you'll receive documentation to better understand what and where issues exist. After every inspection, we'll provide a comprehensive report of roof conditions. You'll also receive photos of emergency deficiencies, placed on a helpful diagram of your roof so you can see where those deficiencies are located.

Contact us to learn more about our commercial roof repair plans.